Frequently Asked Questions

I’m starting fresh. What hosting & domain provider do you recommend?

Personally, I’d go with Panthur:

My reasons why – Aussie company based in Sydney, fast service, control of & access to your own c-panel, free domain name if you sign up with hosting first, they also provide a larger start up storage compared to other popular companies.

If you already have your domain and host by someone else it is not a problem at all! This is just my recommendation when starting fresh. Always do your research, there’s lots of good options out there.

What do I need to give you to start working on my project?

After an initial discussion (usually a phone call) about your completed intake form, and we agree on a quoted estimate – I will require from you:

  • Your logo / branding (any existing colours, fonts, graphics used)
  • Images (at least 5)
  • Text for all the pages, also known as copy
  • At least one example of a website style that you like
  • Returned signed contract
  • 50% deposit
Is the deposit refundable?

No. All deposits taken are to secure your spot in my calendar and to have your project prioritised. These must be paid upfront before I commence work. This is done to honour both yours and my time and energy.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. Work cannot commence until 50% of the deposit is paid – however this can be in instalments.
The remaining amount is usually paid upon completion of the site, although billing can begin earlier as smaller invoices (up to 3 instalments).

Do you consult me during the making of websites?

All my work is co-created. Meaning I keep you involved in the creation the whole way.

In the beginning, I encourage you to provide examples of website you love, or Instagram pages or logos that you vibe with. And complete the intake form. You will receive 3 opportunities to provide feedback. The first will be a general draft of look and feel. Then second is more specific (which can be a phone call as well if you prefer talking it out). The third is the final sign off, which I encourage page-per-page combing and written feedback.

The most important thing throughout the design process is to give honest feedback. Be very specific. If you’re not sure, then show someone who you think has a good eye for style and ask them to help pin point what is really wrong. Reading minds would really make my job easier, but it’s probably better that I can’t!

Do I have to know how to code once you hand over the finished website?

No coding or megabyte enthusiasm required!
I use Divi builder on WordPress which has a visual capacity that’s fairly intuitive. I provide tutorials on how to make basic changes, then hand over the reins.

If you would like someone else to do the housekeeping of your site – I offer monthly packages starting from $15 p/m to keep your site and systems updated.

Eek! I needed this YESTERDAY – how fast can you do it?

If my books are already full for the month and completing your project would mean working late evenings and weekends then this will incur a rush fee.

I can move very quickly if everything is ready and you have a clear idea of what your website needs to do for you. For example; I need an online presence because my book was published yesterday… Or I’ve marketed my new service on Instagram and need a new page to convert the sales… Or there’s a whole membership course needing a digital home ASAP so I can start helping others and supporting myself…

All these things help define the bare bones of what needs creating QUICK SMART and what other aspects of the website can be completed later – potentially avoiding the rush fee.

I don't know where I found my pictures… maybe google… can we use them anyway?

There are specific copyright laws and limitations applied to images, icons and fonts which can land you in hot water. If you can’t remember where the image came from, it’s best to find something royalty-free that is similar. Or purchase the image. Some Apple icons also require you to have a certain level of membership to use them. All these things, while extremely tedious, are important. And I will advise as needed so that neither of us get into trouble.

What do you mean by ‘User Interface’ and ‘digital way-finding’?

I like to play the ‘searching person’ game. Start by imagining your clients, and say I’m a person looking for X.

“X” could mean – more information, depth about the person behind the business, the retreat they saw on Instagram, how much does something cost, how can they connect with you?

Go through the path that has been (or will be) designed for them to take. Can they find their way easily to what they’re looking for?

SIDE NOTE: So many things that are intuitive to use, are actually highly considered and cleverly designed path ways. Good design is effortless, bad design is a pain in the a**.

Are you going to be angry if I use Canva for everything???

Absolutely not! I believe in enabling my clients to develop their own creativity and visual abilities. And encourage you to use any tools available to you – and Canva is a great one!

A word of advice:
People often become unstuck on programs like Canva because they are unaware of the nuances of document dimensions, image sizing, DPI and translating this to professional, printable document. For those folks simply creating digital logos and social media tiles – run with your freedom! However if you find yourself wanting to expand and cross into more complex outputs; talk to a graphic designer 😉

My website is Divi WordPress, but someone else built it. Can I still request an extra sales page?

Of course! I can emulate your existing website style and create a killer sales page with all the bells and whistles – even if you’ve never worked with me before.

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