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I am a graphic designer, wayfinder and visual enabler.
Welcome to my corner of the internet. Where connections are made and co-created brilliance emerges.
Have a browse through this digital home, read some creation stories [my portfolio] and reach out to connect if you’d like to work together.

Karen Leskiw

Design Services

All my work is a co-creation.

My intention is to visually voice the soul of businesses so they are represented authentically in their markets. By empowering and enabling the innate creativity within business owners. And help them articulate their passion.

Beautiful Websites

Lovingly designed and built to handle growth, change and expansion of ideas and business.

Image Sourcery

Whether you need suggestions for your upcoming photoshoot or a selection of free stock images that eloquently suit your branding and message.

Custom Requests

The beauty of design – it’s in everything. Interchangeable with ‘careful consideration’ and ‘meticulous attention to detail’.

About the Designer Karen Leskiw

About the Designer

I have always believed in the power of visual storytelling. Imagery is incredibly potent in explaining your approach without saying any words at all. Add language, and you have unlimited potential.

I wholeheartedly believe that it’s meant to be fun… most of the time!