About the Designer

About Karen leskiw

my design background..

A very crafty and active little kid, that grew into a person who looks at the world as a playground.
A moody teenager that became someone who looks closely at the concept and reasoning behind all things (it’s exhausting at times tbh)
That kidult who loved fantastical colour, shape and magic, jumped head first into a Visual Communications & Design degree at Monash University and has since moved around inspired by, peeved off and motivated by the amazing things humans create.

I have always believed in the power of visual storytelling. Imagery is incredibly potent in explaining your approach without saying any words at all. Add words, and you have unrestricted potential.

I also wholeheartedly believe that it’s meant to be fun, most of the time…


My skills:

Adobe Design Suite: photoshop/ illustrator/ indesign


Wordpress + CSS

& some other things that are not design..

I was a competitive national gymnast for my entire youth-hood, and like a proper exercise junkie, still continue with adult gymnastic classes. I’m a die-hard advocate of going upside down.

Coffee is a vice.

I have a wee obsession with languages, translations, sharing and connecting across cultures.

I drive people crazy with my recycling fixation. That’s one system I’d love to re-design !!!

Basically part-mermaid [no, not because of a fishy smell] but because you cannot get me out of the water/ocean/bath/puddles.

I used to coordinate the marketing for a famous aussie circus! A time which can only be described as wonderfully chaotic.

“Design is intelligence made visible.”
– Alina Wheeler

About the Designer Karen Leskiw

“Every great design begins with an even better story.”
– Lorinda Mamo

I have worked with some wonderful clients. They swing between the quickest movers, the most meticulous thinkers, to the most laid back natural talents. Each one with their own incredible paths. Click through to the creation stories to see my portfolio.